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A vision who’s seeds were sown in 2015, has now become one of our fastest growing businesses – Suumaya Agro. Our agro produce value chain business aims at building a robust agro supply chain at global level so that all humans have access to basic food. We are committed to fulfil our commitment towards India’s food security and the rural sector on the whole by empowering our farmers to increase productivity and enhance the quality of crop yield.

Vibrant, well-defined verticals

Our portfolio of businesses address key challenges faced by Indian agriculture and comprises of three prime verticals: B2B Trading, structured Trade Finance and #NeedToFeed.

B2B Trading: This arm entails B2B trading of unbranded agricultural commodities in bulk quantities. The efficiency of procurement and seamless delivery has been the strength of this business. The business model revolves around procuring essential commodities from Aadhatiyas and mandis and selling to large corporates and MSMEs at the local and regional level.

Structured Trade Finance: Our structured Trade Finance division provides financial solutions that facilitate trade and mitigate trade-related risks for companies conducting business with small and medium scale of operations. We work closely with customers to create financing structures that enable the buying and selling of agricultural and other commodities, while mitigating risks associated with the supply chain. Our customers include medium to large corporates, mill owners, commodity traders, processors, traders of physical goods, importers and financial institutions.

Need to Feed: This is a noble initiative under which dry ration kits are supplied to students studying at governments schools, on a pan-India level. These kits contain rice, wheat, pulses and sugar/jaggery. They are packed with various customizations as per state supplies and distributed as an implementation of various schemes and yojanas of the Government.

Prime focus on sustainable growth

Suumaya Agro supports sustainability across the agri-business value chain. We stand to improve the availability of safe, affordable and nutritious food by promoting market access for farmers, transporting food to areas of need and addressing the need for hunger worldwide.