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Although relatively new, Key2Elements under the aegis of Rangoli Tradecomm Limited (BSE Symbol : RTL) has emerged as one of India’s fastest-growing supply chain enterprise company. Supply chain enterprise business is based on an end-to-end supply chain management of various commodities across various stakeholders ranging from manufacturers to traders to end-users.

Ever-expanding portfolio

Commencing our journey with just PVC Resin, we have multiplied voraciously and added other commodities, namely polymers, manganese ore, bitumen, yarn, fabric and other textile products, to our portfolio. 


Spreading its wings, globally

The company has already established its footprints in Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Plans are afoot to become a pan-India player in the near future. In fact, in Q4 FY21, we have taken our first steps in the direction of going global by commencing the imports of these commodities. This has further bolstered our procurement prowess, giving us a jumpstart over the other key players in the market.

Surging forward

At Rangoli, our vision is to be reputed as one of the most trusted partners for the supply chain engineering needs of businesses, both in the domestic and international markets. Through our unique business model, we address the diverse needs of all our customers and facilitate value-added services. We also have in place 360º Partnership, a customer-focused approach that ensures sustainable growth across the value chain. What lies at the core of our execution is our ability to execute the trading at the right price, at the right quality and at the right time. As a Group, we have gained market recognition for ability to honour the essence of time as well as the importance of timely deliveries in this business.