About Us

An established brand of repute

Founded in 1985, Suumaya today is an established lifestyle destination brand, having created a niche for itself as a master of innovation and a successful commercial powerhouse. After three decades of pioneering the industry, the brand today is propelled by newer visions and direction. Maintaining the conviction that growth is the only constant and sustainability the key to the future, the second-generation entrepreneurs of this dynamic organization believe that the next decade will witness Suumaya bring value to the country – both aesthetically and economically. After all, the cornerstones of the brand’s stupendous success have been building unique relationships as well as valuing the rich culture and heritage of our country.

Welcome, Suumaya 2.0

Suumaya 2.0 denotes a novel outlook for the upcoming decade where our vision encompasses the thought that what is good for India is also good for our brand, because our country will rise to a unique superpower not only economically but also in terms of culture, values and humanity. We intend to weave a story of a homegrown company providing recognition to India on the global milieu by contributing to its GDP through robust infrastructure, human capital, relationship capital and enabling Indians to dream big for their brighter future. We nurture ambitions to create jobs, businesses and nurture entrepreneurs who will contribute to this growth chain.


Customer first

Needless to say, the end-consumers will continue to be the key focus in our future business strategy as we believe that a satisfied consumer is the only way to growth. With a foresight to create a robust supply chain of consumer-enabled products across the globe aimed at enhancing the life of every customer and stakeholder, Suumaya aspires of being a brand synonymous with satisfaction, loyalty, trust and passion.


Future perfect

Suumaya as a brand has been working tirelessly to develop a robust end-to-end supply chain ecosystem. The vibrant organization believes in the holistic development and satisfaction of its customers as well as stakeholders that would ultimately contribute to the country’s business ecosystem.


  • Sustainability and impact on environment: As a brand that promotes sustainability, we recognize our commitment to the environment. We can only keep creating and nurturing when we protect what we have – our Mother Earth and her resources. Driven to the cause of saving the environment, Suumaya 2.0 stands for sustainable economic growth while promoting jobs and stronger economies.
  • Consumers remain our key focus: We may have been evolving and growing at a whirlwind pace, but we have not forgotten our intrinsic values. The ‘customer-first’ is not a strategy, it denotes the entire mindset of our business that fosters a positive customer experience at every stage.
  • Enhancing the lives of all stakeholders: We have a commitment to improve the life of every single stakeholder associated with our brand. The encashing of relationship capital and enhancing the same with all stakeholders has always worked positively for our organization.
  • Wealth creation: Suumaya aspires to create wealth for all its partners, i.e stakeholders, shareholders, suppliers, financiers, customers and employees. We believe in shared happiness and dividends!
  • Mad for India & Mad in India: We hold our country dear. We envision that young people will be driving the organization with utmost passion to build and maintain a world-class conglomerate, which is Suumaya.
  • Create an ecosystem of entrepreneurs: Our dream is to build a network of budding innovators, train and empower them to magnify our efforts. We envision the self-reliant youth of this country participating in business and innovation.


Our Mission

To enhance customer life in all it's basic needs and desires.

Our Vision

To create a customer centric conglomerate, because Customer is the only reason for our Existence & Growth.