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Life at Suumaya

At Suumaya, we recognise all good success starts with people. We come to work with renewed energy, passion and enthusiasm because we witness every day how meaningful our work is to all those who depend on us, our company and our products. We have an incessant passion for delivering top-notch service and a love for our product which flows through our team. We help you realise your full potential while helping others achieve theirs. We also enable you to work in an employee-friendly open environment and want you to excel and to perform to an exceptional standard.

We are absolutely committed to helping employees feel valued and inspired. Moreover, we constantly seek to attract, retain, empower and motivate our employees thus helping create an inclusive environment where all feel welcome and wanted. We have no boundaries and are open to suggestions which make it one of the many reasons why our clients and employees choose to bank with us. Additionally, when you join us, our range of extensive on boarding programs will help you make a smooth and successful transition into our working culture. If you’re looking to experience a vibrant environment driven by diversity and innovation, come aboard as we have a number of exciting opportunities.